My Dress for Success Comfort Clothes

I once read if you dress for success regardless of what you’ll be doing that day you will be more likely to succeed. I liked how that sounded do I took that advice and everyday I get dressed for success. With this hectic lifestyle we lead we are succeeding if we make it through the day. Dressing for success doesn’t necessarily mean heels and double breasted blazers, it’s what makes you feel confident. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to succeed. We’ve all had those lazy no makeup wearing pajamas days and you must admit on those days it you preferred to see no one at all. So if you dress every day in something that makes you feel good about yourself you will be more likely to get more things accomplished. One of my favorite outfits is a Gray Cardigan and black leggings. Very cozy and comfortable and I love the look. I’m going to post some of my comfy dress for success outfits. May you can get some ideas from them. Confidence is the key to success.

All Things Vintage

All things Vintage, whether it be a remarkable crystal Punch bowl from the 1800’s or an elegant vintage dress from the turn of the century, these items deserve to be treated gently and with respect. Afterall these items have managed to stay around and not only stay beautiful but they have floated in and out of style quite gracefully. So I have decided to give these items another chance, hence Fine Again. I love organizing and displaying these items as well as photographing these beautiful as ND timeless pieces of clothing. I hope you find something that will serve you well.